On This Day in American/French History:

Yorktown, Virginia 1781

“On the morning of October 17 the fighting stilled  at 10 o’clock when out of the musket smoke a small  drummer boy in a red coat stepped up … and began to drum out a message indicating parley.”

Artist: David R. Wagner

Artist: David R. Wagner

The British had finally sent out the white flag!

The last full out battle of the American Revolution was finished. Six years of war might be at an end. Generals Washington and Rochambeau had won against all odds at Yorktown.


2 thoughts on “On This Day in American/French History:

  1. Thanks for sharing this, so interesting. Our son was the drummer in our Civil War unit when our kids were younger. The drummer was such an important man… he gave out the orders via his drum to all the soldiers as he was give them by the commanders.

    • Hi Vicki,

      Happy to hear that you and the drummer boy connected! He is more important than I imagined. There must have been many of them in the rev War. This one hit the spotlight. Merci beaucoup for reading my blog or history bite as I fondly call them. I have one ready to go for the 15 Nov.


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