“Brrr! Baby, it’s cold outside!”

…. sang George to Martha.

George goes on to invite his dear wife to spend a return winter in the north.

“Dearest Martha, would you prefer to spend this coming winter in the log hut where we spent our first winter at Valley Forge (PA)?” (see hut below)

Log Hut at Valley Forge

“Or,” continued George, “in Morristown, New Jersey, where we spent the super cold winter of 1779-80 in the Ford Mansion?” (see below)

Ford Mansion at Morristown, New Jersey

“No contest,” retorted Martha, with glee!  “I much prefer our accommodations in Morristown despite the 28 consecutive snow storms. Shall I make a reservation for us, dear?”

True story of how Martha spent her winters with George in the cold, cold, north during the Revolutionary War. Images are taken from my favorite PowerPoint that I name:

Four Women in the Time of Rochambeau – A Queen, A Countess, A Future First Lady, and A Camp Follower.


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