Lafayette’s Freedom Frigate

The Marquis de Lafayette

The Marquis de Lafayette

Hermione sails like a bird!


And here are her dimensions for all you sailors!

height: 177ft (54m)

beam: 36ft 11in (11.2m)

draught: 16ft 4in (5m)

masts: 3

main: 155ft (47m)

pulleys: 1,000

ropes: 15 miles

length: 213ft (65m)

weight laden: 1,260 tons

sail area: 330ft2 (1,000m2)

guns: 26 gun deck, 6 upper deck

LOA: 145ft (44.2m)

sail cloth: 62ft2 (19, 2181m2)

crew: 242
displacement: 116 tons

oak – 40,965ft3 (1,160m3)

conifer – 7,240ft3 (205m3)

iron – 77,426lb (35,120kg)

lead – 7,743lb (3,512kg)

This is all for this week. Hope you enjoy Hermione-watching!


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