Most Happy 2017 to all my readers!

Celebrate with champagne


Winter is upon us now. What a good time to cozy up to a wonderful read about Rochambeau and Washington! Enjoy!

Today I am re-printing one of the reviews of my book that appeared in print or online:

N. R. wrote this:

“Great book on General Rochambeau.Probably the only one out there readily accessible in English on this great French commander. The book covers Rochambeau’s entire life but obviously spends most of it talking about his campaign in America. She draws on many different sources and is very descriptive when talking about how the French managed in America.

Everything is covered about how the French kept supplied, their relations with the native population, and Rochambeau’s relationship with Washington. She used numerous French sources to describe what they felt of America and Americans which added interest to the book. For example she states that many French were impressed by the Delaware River because it reminded them of the Loire River in France. The book also supplies information about different landmark sites where Rochambeau spent time in America.”

Many thanks for this review. I will post more next time…

I welcome your review and would be happy to include it in an upcoming blog! Please feel free to contact me

Bonne Annee 2017!!!


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