What did General Rochambeau uniform look like?

For those of my readers who like to delve into details:

Below is a description of Rochambeau as seen on the cover of my book:

Rochambeau, Washington’s Ideal Lieutenant

A French General ’s Role in the American Revolution.

Description of portrait of Rochambeau and his uniform of the 1780’s:

“To the Comte’s right is a sheaf of documents upon which he has placed his hat and upon which he rests his marshal’s baton held in his right hand. He wears the full-dress uniform of a French general: a blue coat with much gold lace, red waistcoat and breeches … across his coat runs the scarlet ribbon of the Order of Saint Louis, while over his heart is attached the star of the Order of the Saint-Esprit…

…it was only in 1783, when he returned to France, that he received the more coveted Order of the Saint-Esprit…then too, he is portrayed with his marshal’s baton, which he did not receive until December of 1791 – one of the last honors that King Louis XVI was able to bestow.”
As written by the Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection, Brown University c.1960


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