Rochambeau, speaking of NECKS!!!

Breakneck Hill, Middlebury, CT

While Rochambeau looks back on his  most terrible, miserable, sweaty, climb up BREAKNECK Hill in CT ON JUNE 27,1781, I, too, have the clarity of hindsight and find myself looking back upon July 14, 1789.

This day was the storming of the Bastille prison in Paris that led HEADLONG to the BEHEADING of Rochambeau’s King Louis 16 and his Queen, Marie Antoinette!!!  And to think we celebrate this day, July 14th, as leading to a good result in France!


Bon Anniversaire!

Bon Anniversaire! It’s a Birthday!  1012328_615079401844019_2135812566_n

Happy Birthday to General Jean-Baptist de Vimeur de Rochambeau! You will never guess where he celebrated his 56th birthday while on his American campaign – in Ridgefield, CT! He attended a formal ball.

It was the last frolicking Rochambeau and his men would do before camping near British General Clinton outside New York. After this it was strictly down to the business of reconnoitering the British camp with George Washington.

This photo shows me in my 18th century hand sewn silk gown celebrating Rochambeau’s 281st birthday at the formal ball in Ridgefield, CT July 1st, 2006: